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Imagine you are in Art Car Boutique...

We are Proud to display here our special, extra valuable projects with deep history behind each of them.
Some of these project are available to Implement in Dubai or any location Worldwide.

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McLaren Hestia

Art project base on Mclaren 720S (765LT). Two color scheme inspired by the bodyshapes of the car itself; Curved sharp design shapes going with the flow of air, and same time looks like curves of hair of Greek god Hestia, Hestia is best known as the goddess of the hearth/fire. As you can see design shapes also reminds flame - this point make even more stronger connection with the name.


Huracan Black Panther

Art project base on Lamborghini Huracan series. The design idea came from fashion aspects... Goal was to create a car look similar to the amazing detailed costume of the Black Panther character from Marvel movie. Mostly work was on point - how to make a car look like Black Panther instead of popular way of putting characters graphic pictures or drawings on the car surface to get the theme.



Art project base on Mclaren 720S (765LT)



Art project base on Mclaren 720S (765LT)



Art project base on Mclaren 720S (765LT)


Aventador MK

Art project base on Lamborghini Aventador SV. The design dedicated to the concept of Mortal Combat due to strong impact on Dimitry in his childhood. Inspired him to start take classes of Martial arts, improve his focus, strength and consistency in achievements. Martial arts classes gave the way for interest in meditations and other self development aspects in next years.

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