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Carbonov Design name has been in the car designing field since 2004.

Design Studio based in Dubai and well known worldwide in the market for doing unique livery designs for Supercars, Racing and Luxury cars, providing art car wrapping, personal design styles, color schemes ideas. Our project can be implemented by multiple ways, such as wrapping, stickers sets, paint, peelable paint, airbrush or combination of them.

International level of our design services strengthened by work experience with global brand's cars such as Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari, Bugatti, Porsche, etc. At this stage we have reached a high perception level of top auto manufactures car's shapes (exterior), design concepts, vision and details; and have found a way to make them even more unique, special and personalized.

As you already know, Top World famous car brands some time ago started to follow trends of personalizing solutions for their cars, so you are on the right track with us!

​​Our customers are Celebrities, Car collectors, Car enthusiasts, Companies, Marketing and Event agencies.

Welcome to the club!

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